In Dancar, we present LiFePO4 consumption batteries that can be customized into any need. It is a flexible battery with an extreme performance rate and a high safely level. The technique is considered one of the most secure Lithium bonds, and is therefore used in aircraft and car production. The core of the battery is a lithium-iron-phosphate bond – in other words – a high-capacity dry substance. Stability and long service life, combined with high safety as well as ultra fast charging, make this battery a safe choice as the best consumption battery on the market.

We tailor the LiFePO4 batteries to the consumption needs and industry needed.

Unlike other battery types, LiFePO4 batteries are maintenance-free. If the battery is fully charged, it will only lose approx. 2 percent capacity per month. Even if the battery is completely discharged, there is no damage to the battery cells. There is no liquid in the safe LiFePO4 battery. Therefore, there is no risk of outflow of liquids or gases, and consequently no risk of explosion. It is therefore suitable for many different environments.

Stroke and mounting in all positions, does not damage the function!

All our batteries are manufactured with built-in BMC (Battery Management System) which ensures constant monitoring of the state of the cells at all stages. Followingly, you are always guaranteed quick access to knowledge of the battery through its associated App.

The service life will be 4-7 times longer than traditional lead batteries. Accordingly, investing in this type of battery would always be an excellent choice.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to write or call us.


Download you battery related documents here (danish versions)

Smart Souletion App

The batteries has a build-in BCM system which enables monitoring the health of the battery. You can therefore always be easily informed if all the battery cells are healthy, how much power the battery is charged, as well as many other features.


We offer a warranty up to 5 years on our LiFePO4 batteries. We are always ready to provide a high level of service.


ADR-IMDG Handling and shipping of Lithium batteries

We are certified for ADR-IMDG handling and transport of Lithium batteries. We always strive to be up-to-date and manage a high level of safety and quality of both products, handling and service.

More batteries


If the need in the caravan is really high for both mover and consumption for other purposes, the X20 or X30 is the right choice. This is a power bank that is traditional lead or gel batteries far superior. It is about weight, durability, but especially the capacity and life span. Comparing the capacity of the X30 will correspond to a conventional lead battery of about 60-70 Ah, which typically weighs 25-30 kilos. The battery’s built-in charger connects directly to 230 volts, and the battery’s built-in display keeps you informed of the state of charge. Easy installation without necessary purchase of charger and other installations. With this battery you have a power bank for the rest of your camping life.


We also deliver X75 and X125 (normally used for off-grid and motor homes). In this category we also offer 24V batteries for the marine sector. If you’re interested in other types than X10, X20 and X30, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Technical informations

Battery ModelX10X20X30X75X125
Max. constant consumption100A100A100A100A100A
Temperary consumption150A200A200A200A200A
Peak consumption200A300A300A300A300A
Max. charge10A60A60A100A100A
Internal charger/charge power14,6V14,6V14,6V14,6V14,6V
Incl. charger/charge power3A4A4A
AC input to internal charger100-240 Vac100-240 Vac100-240 Vac
Working temperature-20°C to +60°C-20°C to +60°C-20°C to +60°C-20°C to +55°C-20°C to +55°C
Temperature at charging0°C to +45°C0°C to +45°C0°C to +45°C0°C to +45°C0°C to +45°C
Temperature by storage-10°C to 45°C-10°C to 45°C-10°C to 45°C+5°C to +30°C+5°C to +30°C
Weight2,1 kg4,4 kg5,6 kg9,6 kg14,8 kg
Warranty5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years
Battery status on battery display
Battery status via App
Lifespan (min. 80% capacity left)>1500 charges>1500 charges>1500 charges>2000 charges>2000 charges
Density classIP 62IP 62IP 62IP 65IP 65
Cell chemistryLiFePO4LiFePO4LiFePO4LiFePO4LiFePO4
Cell technologyPrismaticPrismaticPrismaticPrismaticPrismatic
Dimensions in mm182 x 120 x 90275 x 150 x 120275 x 150 x 120330 x 172 x 217330 x 172 x 217



The PowerXCharger XC3 has been specially developed for charging your Li-ion or lead-acid battery while driving with your car and caravan, trailer or boat trailer. This way you can get everywhere with a fully charged battery and it is always ready for use. The PowerXCharger efficiently charges the battery and due to its compact design it is easy to mount in many places. It weighs only 120 grams and the impact on the load capacity of your caravan is therefore negligible. It is also completely sealed and the housing has an IP class of 65, which means it can also be mounted on a trailer or in a maritime environment.

Technical informations

Type of battery to be chargedLiFePO4Li-ionLead (low)Lead (high)
Voltage input range12-20 VDC12-20 VDC12-20 VDC12-20 VDC
Switch-off voltage

< 12.0 VDC (When Jumper E 11.0V)

< 12.0 VDC (If Jumper E 11.0V)

< 12.0 VDC (If Jumper E 11.0V)

< 12.0 VDC (If Jumper E 11.0V)

Intake voltage

> 12.8 VDC

> 12.8 VDC

> 12.8 VDC

> 12.8 VDC

Voltage Output14.616.814.414.7
Float voltage13.3213.6
Restart Charger14.2516.3512.612.85
Trickle charge condition

Vbat < 10.1

Vbat < 10.3

Load strategyCC/CVCC/CV4-step, 3-stage charging profile4-step, 3-stage charging profile
Trickle charge current220mA220mA
Efficiency (%)





IP classIP65IP65IP65IP65
max. load voltage3.1A3.1A3.1A3.1A
max. input current4.2A4.2A4.2A4.2A
IndicationLED GREEN (Power) / LED RED (Charge)LED GREEN (Power) / LED RED (Charge)LED GREEN (Power) / LED RED (Charge)LED GREEN (Power) / LED RED (Charge)
Connections (cable lug)4 x4.8mm flat plug4 x4.8mm flat plug4 x4.8mm flat plug4 x4.8mm flat plug
Recommended wiring at a minimum1.5mm21.5mm21.5mm21.5mm2
Weight120 gram120 gram120 gram120 gram
Ambient temperature use-20 to +40C-20 to +40C-20 to +40C-20 to +40C
Guarantee2 years2 years2 years2 years
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